Conference program

The program will be posted later.

Topics scheduled for discussion:

  • Joint social initiatives implemented by cultural, scientific and educational institutions, mass media and business in the pandemic period;
  • Project activity of libraries: idea – implementation – promotion;
  • Statutory legal support of library activity under pandemic conditions;
  • Strategic planning and evaluation of libraries’ activity;
  • The COVID-19 pandemic as an incentive for digital transformation of libraries;
  • Conception of Open Access and role of libraries in its realization in the pandemic period;
  • Digital libraries and online-resources in library-information space: new approaches to creation and provision of access under pandemic conditions; balance between accessibility of information and protection of intellectual property rights, search of consensus;
  • The library in the system of preservation of historic and cultural memory of the society: digital information resources of libraries on regional geography and local lore;
  • Approaches to documentary collection usage under pandemic conditions;
  • Innovation approaches to organization of user service under pandemic conditions;
  • The library as the third place in the pandemic period;
  • Libraries and social media: seizing opportunities for development of services;
  • Safety of library staff in the pandemic period: problems and approaches to optimization of activities;
  • Professional competencies of librarians under lockdown restrictions: strengths and weaknesses;
  • Remote work of librarians: issues of organization, control, regulation, methodical and legal support;
  • Libraries design and reorganization of library space: approaches to ensuring safety of staff and users in the pandemic period.