Information Letter

The International Congress “The Library as a cultural phenomenon” will be held at the National Library of Belarus on October 20–22, 2021.
The 2021 Congress theme, “Libraries under pandemic conditions: new opportunities, new solutions”.

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus
The National Library of Belarus

Topics scheduled for discussion:

  • Joint social initiatives implemented by cultural, scientific and educational institutions, mass media and business in the pandemic period;
  • Project activity of libraries: idea – implementation – promotion;
  • Statutory legal support of library activity under pandemic conditions;
  • Strategic planning and evaluation of libraries’ activity;
  • The COVID-19 pandemic as an incentive for digital transformation of libraries;
  • Conception of Open Access and role of libraries in its realization in the pandemic period;
  • Digital libraries and online-resources in library-information space: new approaches to creation and provision of access under pandemic conditions; balance between accessibility of information and protection of intellectual property rights, search of consensus;
  • The library in the system of preservation of historic and cultural memory of the society: digital information resources of libraries on regional geography and local lore;
  • Approaches to documentary collection usage under pandemic conditions;
  • Innovation approaches to organization of user service under pandemic conditions;
  • The library as the third place in the pandemic period;
  • Libraries and social media: seizing opportunities for development of services;
  • Safety of library staff in the pandemic period: problems and approaches to optimization of activities;
  • Professional competencies of librarians under lockdown restrictions: strengths and weaknesses;
  • Remote work of librarians: issues of organization, control, regulation, methodical and legal support;
  • Libraries design and reorganization of library space: approaches to ensuring safety of staff and users in the pandemic period.

Working languages

  • Belarusian
  • Russian
  • English

The National Library of Belarus invites the participation of experts from libraries, museums, archives, research organizations, educational institutions, representatives of legislative sphere, developers and producers of software, technical equipment and information products.
Participation requirements
All expenses are covered by participants.

For participation with a report, message or as a guest, please, register online not later that October 5, 2021.

Time limit
Reports at the plenary session – not more than 20 minutes, at the breakout sessions – not more that 10 minutes.

Requirements for reports
We accept original reports of scientific and applied significance. Materials are planned to be published before the congress work will start.

The report should include: the title of the report, author’s/co-author’s full name, academic degree, the full name of organization, city and country, the full name of a person who will present the report at the Congress.

The total size of the report including annotations, drawings, attachments, schemes, etc. should be up to 6 pages, format A4, Times New Roman, type size 13, 1.5 line spacing, file type – rtf, doc or docx.

The annotation in Russian should contain up to 700 symbols (including spaces).

The organizing committee is authorized to select reports for presenting at the congress and materials for publication.

Requirements for presentations
File type – ppt Microsoft PowerPoint.

Submission of reports and presentations
Please, submit your report to secretar@nlb.by not later that September 20, 2021, and presentation (if any) – to secretar@nlb.by not later than October 1, 2021.

Main venue
The National Library of Belarus
Nezavisimosti ave., 116, Minsk, the Republic of Belarus

Contact information:

Ms. Natalya Esis (general coordination)
Tel.: (8 017) 293 28 02, e-mail: secretar@nlb.by

Ms. Marina Pshybytko (for participants from the Republic of Belarus)
Tel.: (8 017) 368 97 70, e-mail: m_pshibytko@nlb.by

Ms. Marina Valchak (for foreign participants)
Tel.: (8 017) 293 27 64, e-mail: ird@nlb.by