Conference program

Topics for discussion:

  • centennial timeline of the National Library of Belarus collection;
  • book artefacts collection of the National Library of Belarus;
  • 500th anniversary of the first book published in the historic Belarusian lands;
  • Francysk Skaryna and his successors – Belarusian publishers of the 16th – 18th centuries;
  • Belarusian manuscripts;
  • early-printed editions dated back to the 16th – 18th centuries;
  • Belarusian book dated back to the 19th – 20th centuries;
  • present-day realities of book culture;
  • historical libraries and development of librarianship in Belarus;
  • Belarusian book in domestic and foreign collections;
  • book art;
  • record-keeping and description of Belarusian book artefacts;
  • book in modern sociocultural and information environment;
  • modern bibliological schools, researches and conceptions;
  • personalities of Belarusian bibliology.

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