The National Library of Belarus invites you to participate in the 17th International Bibliological Conference.

Key organizers:
Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus, The National Library of Belarus

April 22–23, 2021

Participation formats:

  • In person (Minsk, Niezaležnasci Ave. 116)
  • Remote participation with the paper, video report or presentation

Topics to discuss:

  • Manuscript studies in Belarus
  • Belarusian printing houses and early printed books of the 16th -18th cc.
  • Belarusian book in the 19th – 20th cc.
  • Modern Belarusian book
  • Historical libraries and development of library science in Belarus
  • Belarusian book in domestic and foreign book collections
  • The art of book
  • Bibliographical description of prominent Belarusian books
  • Book in the contemporary social, cultural and information environment
  • Bibliographical schools, studies and concepts
  • Belarusian bibliographers


  • 50th anniversary of the Francis Skaryna Belarusian Library and Museum
  • Centenary of the publishing house “Belarus”
  • Centenary of Belarusian Museum named after Ivan Luckevich in Vilnius
  • 125th anniversary of Sokolchyk Adam Antonovich (1896-1983)
  • 160th anniversary of Karskiy Yefim Fyodorovich (1861-1931)
  • 160th anniversary of Maria Madeleine Radziwill (1861-1945)
  • 170th anniversary of Sapunov Alexey Parfyonovich (1851-1924)
  • 240th anniversary of Józef Zawadzki (1781-1838)
  • 370th anniversary of Kopievich (Kopievskiy) Ilya Fyodorovich (1651-1714)
  • 425th anniversary from publishing date of the “Alphabet” (1596) by Lavrentiy Zizaniya

Belarusian, Russian, English, Polish, Ukrainian.

Terms of participation:
To take part in the conference as a speaker or attendee, please, register online.

Meals, lodging and transportation fees
are paid by participants of the conference.

The collection of conference papers is projected for publication. We accept original papers in Belarusian, Russian and English of scientific and applied value. The organizing committee is authorized to select papers for reading at the conference and articles for publication. Please, submit your paper to e-mail tacianasapieha@gmail.com or susha.ksenia@yandex.by not later than March, 23 2021.

Format requirements for papers:

  1. The author’s/coauthor’s full name, surname, patronymic (if any), the full name of the organization, city, country; the full name, surname, patronymic (if any) of a person who will present the paper at the conference, the title of the paper.
  2. The paper with the annotation, drawings and enclosures should be up to 6 pages, format А4, Times New Roman, type size 13, 1.5 line spacing, file type DOC or RTF (Microsoft Word).
  3. The reference list should be placed after the main body of the paper in alphabetic order. The references in square brackets should be placed at the end of the sentence, for example [3, с. 15].
  4. The summary in Russian and English, each should be up to 400 symbols (including spaces).

Format requirements for video-reports:

  • video orientation (landscape mode)
  • video recording should be made with the use of a microphone, with a good lighting and without any additional noises
  • time duration is up to 10 minutes

Format requirements for presentation:

  • slide show with the narration should have a slide show time setting
  • the first slide of the presentation should have the name of the conference, title of the paper and the author’s name
  • time duration is up to 10 minutes

Please, submit your file with the video-report or presentation to e-mail tacianasapieha@gmail.com and susha.ksenia@yandex.by not later than April, 5 2021.


Sapego Tatiana
Теl.: +375 17 293 27 82
E-mail: tacianasapieha@gmail.com

Susha Ksenia
Теl.: +375 17 293 27 83
E-mail: susha.ksenia@yandex.by