Collection of the 15th International Bibliological Readings Reports


Collection of the 15th International Bibliological Readings Reports

The National Library of Belarus has prepared and published a collection of materials from the anniversary 15th International Bibliological Readings. The conference was dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Bibliology Research Department of the National Library of Belarus and was held on April 4−5, 2019.

The current conference was a worthy continuation of the established tradition and brought together interested scientists from Belarus, Great Britain, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine. The event was organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus and the National Library of Belarus with the partnership support of the European Union's MOST project and the Polish Institute in Minsk.

The collection contains reports of well-known researchers, library specialists, museums, archives, research and educational institutions of Belarus and foreign countries. The conference brought together bibliologists, educators, linguists, theorists of literature, culturologists, historians, philosophers, and theologians, who presented the latest research on the history of the handwritten and printed book heritage.

The subjects of the reports are diverse, but all they are common in unchanging interest in the book culture of Belarus and understanding of its phenomenon in the global context. The conference addressed issues of history of book culture from antiquity to the present day, role of the book in the modern information and communication environment, experience of mastering new activities and implementation of promising projects in the field of book science.

The structure of the collection reflects the range of topics discussed in plenary and panel sessions, and consists of next paragraphs:

• Theory and methodology of book culture. Bibliological researches trends.
• Historical book collections.
• Provenance study.
• Handwritten monuments and archival documents as sources for the study of the history and culture of Belarus.
• Printed book of the 15–18th centuries in domestic and foreign collections.
• Traditions of the Belarusian book culture of the 19–21st centuries.
• Belarusian emigration press.
• Role and place of the book in the modern information and communication environment. Popularization of book culture.

The reports made in the frameworks of the 15th International Bibliological Conference were presented at a high scientific level, distinguished by their relevance and the novelty of approaches. The conference was attended by famous scientists and young researchers. The issues addressed in the reports are of great scientific and applied significance.

This collection will be useful for book culture researchers, teachers, librarians, employees of archives, museums and anyone interested in the history and current state of the Belarusian intellectual tradition.

You can find the collection of materials of the 15th International Bibliological Conference by subscription or at the kiosk located near the main entrance of the Library.

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