15th International Bibliological Conference: 2nd Day


15th International Bibliological Conference: 2nd Day

On April 5 the International Bibliological Conference proceedings continued. Some section meetings took place, where participants exchanged scientific research and ideas, views on key areas and prospects for the development of bibliology.

The following sections took place on the second day of the conference:

  • “Printed book of the 15th – 18th centuries in domestic and foreign collections”
  • “Traditions of the Belarusian book culture of the 19th – 21st centuries”
  • “Provenance Research”
  • “Role and place of the book in the modern information and communication environment. Popularization of book culture”

In conclusion of the Conference participants expressed their gratitude for the high level of organization of the event. This Conference, which have been held since 1998, have long been one of the most important events, a unique platform where communication and exchange of opinions between researchers from different countries of the world take place. The main object of research is the book heritage of Belarus, which in its various aspects includes both national identity and European cultural tradition, and the best acquisitions of world civilization. The current conference was a worthy continuation of the established tradition. She united bibliologists, librarians, historians, philologists, cultural scientists and philosophers from Belarus, Great Britain, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

The event provided an opportunity to share the results of scientific research and achievements, contributed to the establishment of scientific dialogue and cooperation between researchers, the development of optimally effective approaches to solving urgent problems and the most important, it inspired participants to implement new projects.

On April 4 the National Library of Belarus hosted the opening of the 15th International Bibliological Conference, a plenary session, three sections and the opening of the the “Keepers of the Rarities” exhibition.

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