Press information

The XIV International Bibliological Conference is held at the National Library of Belarus on April 26–27, 2018.

The annual International Bibliological Conference has long been one of the most important events in the country’s scientific and cultural life. The aim of the conference is to consolidate the scientific community for considering the current issues in the study and promotion of book heritage, and stimulating the cooperation between researchers of book culture.

In 2017, the XIII International Bibliological Conference was dedicated to the 500th anniversary of Belarusian book-printing. This year’s event is timed to a very original date – the 400th anniversary of the first edition of Bukvar (The ABC-Book).

Bukvar is a unique book, which lays the foundations of culture and forms the most important values, being the beginning of knowledge for mankind. The world's first book titled Bukvar (1618) was published 400 years ago by the Vilna Orthodox Brotherhood in the town of Evye near Vilnius, belonging to the glorious Bogdan Oginski. Our ancestors used the book for the initial teaching of reading and writing. Its later editions were well-known in the territory of modern Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia and other countries. Only two copies of the Evye Bukvar survived till today: one of them is kept in Copenhagen, and the second in London.

While the 400th anniversary of the first Bukvar is a significant occasion, this is not the only topic of this year's International Bibliological Conference. The versatile themes of the conference reflect the continued interest in Belarus, the Belarusian book culture and comprehension of this phenomenon in a global context.

The International Bibliological Conference gives the opportunity to share the results of scientific research, contributing to the establishment of scientific dialogue and cooperation between researchers in different countries. Widely formulated problems are of interest to bibliographers, linguists, literary critics, cultural historians, philosophers, publishers and booksellers.

The XIV International Bibliological Conference continues the tradition of professional communication, experience exchange, presentations of ideas and initiatives and strengthening scientific contacts.